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Why is web personalization essential?

With personalization, your site becomes an omnichannel marketing tool, designed to engage and move customers through their buyer's journey.
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Business Webstars studies and plans your personalized communication, tailored to the user or the consumer.

What is personalization?

We are overwhelmed with information on the web and personalization is increasingly coming into play.

With personalization, it is ensured that the contact with the website visitors, customers or prospects, is as customized as possible. For example, by addressing them directly with first and last names, by responding to their needs promptly and solve their complaints immediately.

Sadly, 25% of businesses do not use personalization at all……even though stats repeatedly prove that it’s very important to consumers:
  • 71% of customers feel frustrated when their experience is impersonal
  • 72% of customers say they only engage with personalized messages
  • 63% of customers will stop buying from brands that use poor personalization strategies




Personalization web agency amsterdam
Personalization online marketing amsterdam
Clearly, personalization is what customers positively react to.
That’s why investing in personalization is the key to building business relationships and creating better experiences that pay off by reducing churn.
Website Personalization
We create platforms sewn on your business reality. Everything is personalized.
From graphic layout to technological configuration.
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Content Personalization
We analyze the market and the competition by choosing the most suitable keywords for your company. After that we create original SEO friendly content to position your website on the first page of the best search engines.
Content is king because in addition to making people understand what you do or what you sell, it serves to build solid roots for SEO indexing.
Online UX Personalization
We study and plan the most suitable user experience for your customers: with no more than 3 clicks they will find what they are looking for.
Your platform will be simple, intuitive, captivating and functional, a real pleasure to browse. 
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Personalization web marketing amsterdam
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Personalization digital agency amsterdam

Are you not yet using personalization in your online marketing, such as within SEA?

Or do you want to show a personalized product range?
BWS makes personalization accessible. We would be happy to discuss the impact of personalization with you.

Unleash your business potential!

+31 621802998

+31 621802998

De Cuserstraat 93 1081 CN – Amsterdam Nederland

De Cuserstraat 93 1081 CN – Amsterdam Nederland

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De Cuserstraat 93 1081 CN
Amsterdam Nederland Tel: +31 621802998
KVK-Number: 81436203

De Cuserstraat 93 1081 CN Amsterdam Nederland Tel: +31 621802998
KVK-Number: 81436203 Email:

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