What is Hybrid E-Commerce?

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A hybrid e-commerce platform offers businesses a unified viewing experience of customer data from a single dashboard, all the while tracking customer journeys and interactions

In today’s business realm, a customer is an active force, shaping and reshaping business worldwide.
The DTC (direct-to-consumer) model is on-trend now and customer expectation is rising steadily.
To embrace change, businesses need to adopt digitalization and innovation to plunge into the future.
A hybrid e-commerce platform is especially relevant for those businesses that advertise unique pieces, like jewels, antiquities, or artworks, for example, or online stores that sell handcrafts. In addition, hybrid e-commerce allows the company catalogue to be treated in a unified way, allowing you to track products in one place and to update the prices in real time, based on whom the user is, offering a more real and personalized experience.
A hybrid e-commerce offers companies a common digital infrastructure with shared customer data, product information, content, and design layout. A full package.
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What are the advantages?

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With a hybrid platform, businesses can take advantage of their markets without having to re-platform and spend countless hours to configure, customize, and personalize the new store.

A hybrid e-commerce strategy facilitates digitalization, empowering businesses to roll out sales strategies more efficiently and cross markets. Instead of creating a new platform out of scratch, companies can just switch to another platform, begin product configuration, and start selling.

A hybrid e-commerce strategy relieves companies of content duplication

Hybrid e-commerce is also equipped to integrate C2C (Customer to Customer), eBay for example, and C2B (Customer to Business) platforms, such as an independent person selling a product or service to a company.
According to some studies, 81% of consumers in the next 5-years will be shopping from direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands. Here is where hybrid is steadily becoming a requisite for an e-commerce strategy, an unbreakable continuation of the same well-founded model but with streaks of reinvention and renovation with the benefit of a single dashboard.

In other words, as an e-commerce platform, hybrid e-commerce is a double-helix of B2C and B2B, where they’re intertwined like a DNA molecule. So, instead of creating two separate marketplaces, companies can reap the benefits of using a single platform.
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